Not all projects are equally feasible nor will they always generate similar results. Our early stage work identifies potential for a site, its build, opportunities, risks and a best suited concept. This evaluation, review and creative process results in a series of recommendations, possibilities, potential hurdles that must be overcome alongside a strategy to optimise results


A multi-faceted exercise that identifies and embraces potential business strategy, design strategy, positioning strategy and operational strategy. The philosophy of the intended business and how it will succeed is incorporated into the directional road map set at this stage, a road map which is as much user experience as well as business model based, endorsed by the client and to which each stakeholder, consultant, manager and developing partner subscribes.

Design Concept

In order to create a visual image as to the look and feel of the project we will develop the initial conceptual land use plan, design concept, massing and environmental statements for the potential master plan and usage. This will include course routing, plot styles and scales, site and environmental features and architectural brief. The services, infrastructure, traffic and topography overview that will become integral to the site design will highlight potential for the site alongside any key characteristics that will influence positioning and entice an end user.

Business Modelling

Incorporating all elements of the above disciplines, the economic highlights will be outlined and justified. These will include high level assumptions relating to project development costs, soft expenses, income lines (development and operational) plus potential debt / equity structures for consideration. Resulting in a financial viability summary and strategy for client consideration.