Our Services

Our services "menu" incorporates the various disciplines and skill sets that development of a sustainable, desirable, premium destination and community will demand and a golf course and club will require at each step along its conceptualization, development and operational journey.

You may choose to appoint us at any stage of that journey and for a period that suits you as an individual client this could be as a turnkey partnership or to simply concentrate on a specific element of the club's development.

Naturally we prefer to partner you throughout the entire process but do understand that sometimes this isn't possible - you may have completed a stage before you came across The Golf Group or your club is built and you realise that it could perform better!


From site study, feasibility and concept planning, through design development and financial modelling, into the construction period and launch of sales to pre-opening management and club / estate operations, our services cover all project requirements and can be ordered as you would a great meal - as much as you feel you have the appetite, mixed as you prefer.

The Golf Group's team of dedicated professionals are both shareholders as well as working consultants. Team members contribute to a specific stage or throughout an assignment, as required. In addition, and when project scale or complexity demands a broader team approach, or more specialist resources, our globally renowned industry partners and affiliates can be called on to contribute independently or under The Golf Group umbrella.

Why The Golf Group

Whilst we provide specific, relevant and dedicated professional consultancy it is the manner in which we plan and develop the business that sets us apart. Our philosophy and ethic deliver an approach that prioritises business acumen, can be evaluated through end user acceptance and keeps the ultimate goal of strong operating results uppermost in the minds of all team members as the development process is carried out.

We are business people ourselves and believe that a partnership of trust, delivery and action supported by justifiable recommendations is the framework on which a successful business will be developed.


At every step of our involvement we focus on the end game - how will this business operate and how will we as the ultimate operator wish to present it to a satisfied user group? Every early decision and direction set has implications at a later stage. As operators we know how these can make or break a project and its reputation.