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Once the elements covered as stage 1 have been explored, refined and established it is important to then develop an overriding series of conceptual statements , points of difference, design characteristics, financial framework and potential operational experiences. This brief can then filter into initial marketing materials, the project brief and the product offer set.


Developing the overall design involves a number of project related disciplines, provided by The Golf Group, alongside specialist partner and affiliate consultants as warranted. This activity is coordinated by the client’s dedicated Project Manager and results in a set of detailed design plans being created, alongside a comprehensive project budget. Simultaneously, The Golf Group will provide best suited golf club design technical services from an operator and operations perspective.


Early pre-opening management services for the golf club operations will be delivered by The Golf Group alongside the specific areas of focus by the project, design, hotel & property operations and sales teams. This discipline will include establishing the operational critical path, identifying management structure, priorities and policy and introducing early procedural direction. This focus allows our clubs to be built on a constant framework of quality, consistency, profitability, visitor experience and value for money and these.

Marketing and Sales

The true potential of the golf course and club will be built on effective, strategic, integrated sales and marketing activity, alongside the development of a connected master plan and destination product. Each unit delivering independent results yet leveraging off the integrated product and facility mix.
Business success requires robust income generation from demanding customers who see a need and value in the product on offer. Our business plan, modelling and operational management practices work in unison to maximise revenue generating initiatives and the achievement of fiscal targets


Creating a sustainable business model is a continuous cycle of analysis, strategy, application, review and response.

Our management model prepared specifically for the golf club operation will deliver a progressive five-step structure facilitating a controlled, quantifiable and evolving philosophy and set of processes.

•   We will formulate and develop appropriate business strategies for the management of the project to meet day-to-day requirements and long-term targets.

•   Then we design and create operating systems to meet those strategic objectives. These systems are easy to understand, allow for ongoing assessment and are tailored to each facility.

•   Once established the team on the ground will be led to implement and apply the operating and management systems, ensuring that the product vision and strategic targets are being achieved whilst user expectations met.

•   Through a series of ongoing and milestone driven audit and evaluation assessments we can analyse the effectiveness of our operations to ensure they are delivering in line with the golf course and club's objectives.

Delivering upon our management philosophy ensures that a Golf Group property is multi-faceted, designed and presented to an optimum and a wonderful experience for members, players and guests to support and enjoy. While each property is unique they all share a distinctive DNA that encompasses sensible, prudent, attractive concepts; clear and consistent character, and a focus on quality.

Audits & Reviews

In parallel with ongoing management services, or as a stand-alone menu item, the value of a regular business ‘check-up’ cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

Through our audit and evaluation process, we'll provide valuable and relevant business appraisals and reports to our management team and stakeholders on all aspects of the operation, identifying areas of improvement and best suited implementation strategy.

Across the board and regular evaluation of performance and systems is a vital component of the overall management strategy and includes facility review, marketing strategy, operations auditing, trouble shooting and opportunity evaluation. Areas included include both the club ‘hardware’ as well as its ‘software’ elements - operational, administrative, financial, human resources, service standards, facility presentation, marketing activity and visitor satisfaction.